Fall 2017 Openings for North Dakota Goose and Duck Hunting Guide Service.

Honker Down Guide Service of North Dakota Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you apart from most outfitters?

Two things, in particular, set us apart from most. We cater to small groups, and if our clients do not limit out in the morning, we will do a second hunt in the afternoon.

Do you have cell phone coverage and can I bring my laptop?

You can get cell phone coverage if you have Verizon. New for 2011, yes you can bring your laptops~ we have high speed internet and a router.

Can I bring my hunting dog or duck and goose calls?

Absolutely, this is your hunt. We encourage you to participate. We have extra dog kennels available.

Do you hunt the water?

We try to leave our water as a roost for the waterfowl and hunt the adjoining fields. This is not to say that we never hunt the water. Knee high rubber boots are recommended.

What type of clothing should I wear?

We recommend a layering system with the outer shell being windproof and waterproof. Bring insulated hunting boots, and gloves that you can shoot with. We just want you to be prepared and comfortable in case of inclement weather conditions.

Do you get a lot of rain in the Fall?

Typically a North Dakota Fall is dry. BUT with the weather patterns lately all bets are off. LOL Again, knee high rubber boots recommended.

What might the temperature be?

Typically, September is quite mild. The average temps being 50 - 55 degrees. The highs in the mid 70's and lows in the 30's. October usually runs anywhere from 25 to 55 degrees--averaging around 40 degrees.

What airport should a person from out of state fly into?

Fargo or Grand Forks. Grand Forks is a little closer. We recommend playing the price game.

What shot do you recommend for the big geese?

I recommend 3 - 3 1/2 BBB. No smaller than BB.

Do you sell ammunition?

We aren't licensed to provide that service. Ammunition can be picked up a short distance from either airport.

May a non-licensee ship firearms interstate for his or her use in hunting or other lawful activity?

Yes. A person may ship a firearm to himself or herself in care of another person in the State where he or she intends to hunt or engage in any other lawful activity. The package should be addressed to the owner. Persons other than the owner should not open the package and take possession of the firearm.

How do I get my birds home?

We recommend that you pack your clothing w/duffle bag in a very large cooler to save on cost en-route here. If you don't want to take the birds back, YOU have the option of finding someone to gift the birds to.